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We are going to use spaghetti and cheerios’ for counting! We will be putting the cheerios’ onto the spaghetti. Ask your child: Can you put 5 cheerios’ on? Encourage them to count carefully, only asking the number for each cheerios’ once. Encourage them to say the number when they put it on the spaghetti. You will need to remind them which number they are doing, to help them remember which number to stop on. They might need help with this.

If you don’t have cheerios’ and spaghetti, other things work, e.g. string and beads, anything that is long and thin and something with a hole in the middle


Can you make up a story? Using any figures you might have at home, superheroes, dolls, teddies, make up a story with them. Invite your brothers/sisters and Mum’s/Dad’s to choose and character and be in the story too. Where does your story happen? A castle, a forest, a spooky house, a cave? Can you build the setting for your story? Or draw a picture for the background? Who are the characters in your story? What will happen in your story? Will someone get lost? Will there be a dangerous or scary animal? Will someone save the day? How will your story end?



This activity is from: 50 things to do before 5: Activity 32 – Where have I gone? – This activity is – Hide and Seek! You might want to set out some rules to begin with, about which rooms you are allowed to hide in. Then decide who is counting first – you can count to 10 or 20 and then go find the hider, hopefully they don’t make it too tricky! When you find them, say where they were hiding, e.g. you were under the bed! To encourage the understanding of positional language.



This activity is from: ‘100 things to do indoors’: Activity 48 – Make a smoothie – Use your favourite fruit to make a smoothie. Fruits that work well are strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, peaches, mangoes. If you have a blender put your fruit in with some milk and/or yoghurt and whizz it up. If not, you could use a masher or a pestle and mortar to squish up your fruit. Then add milk and/or yoghurt and shake it up! What colour do you think you smoothie will be?



Follow this link to find a Video called Boredom Busters: Day 23 Garden Art. Watch this drama group make pictures with things they found in their garden, then have a go at making your own picture! Garden Art



Close your eyes and see what you can hear. Choose a quiet place to sit in your house, with your parents/siblings. Close your eyes or wear a blindfold and listen out for sounds.   Right now I (Miss Shaw) am sitting in the living room. I can hear: the fridge, people talking outside, the birds tweeting, my laptop making a whirring noise.  What noises can you hear? How many different noises can you hear?



Paint a picture of you! Can you paint a picture of yourselves? Look in mirror to see what you look like? What colour are your eyes? What colour is your hair?

When you are painting your picture, think about what shape your head is, and your eyes? How will you paint your hair?


If you want to get really good at these activities, you can practise these activities more than once!  You can do them as many times in a week as you like!

Keep sending pictures of your learning and playing at home! If you have any questions or want to speak to Miss Shaw, or Ms Naheed Please email:  nur@crossleyhallprimary.co.uk