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Reception Challenges


Next time you are outside, or even looking out of a window have a look at the clouds in the sky. What shapes can you see? Do they remind you of anything? We think that the ones in these pictures look like a dragon and a whale. Talk to your grown ups or siblings about what you can see, you could even have a competition and see who can find the most animals or different objects in the sky. You could draw or paint a picture of your findings and ask your grown ups to email it to your teachers. Have fun!!



Can you make your own game of snakes and ladders? Using a piece of paper or card, maybe the back of a cereal box, make a board from 1 to 20. Count as you write your numbers to make sure that you do not miss any out. Once you have numbered your board add some snakes and some ladders. Your snakes and ladders need to join numbers from different rows. You can colour in your snakes and make them as colourful as you can. Now you have made your own game to play with your family. Do not worry if you do not have a dice or counters, you can make them or use numbered pieces of paper or small toys could be your counters. Remember if you land on a ladder you can move up it. But, if you land on a snake you have to slide and slither back down!!! Carefully use your maths skills to count the spaces as you move along the game board and tell the other players which numbers you land on.



What can you make out of a box? Using a box of any size, use your imagination to create something exciting. It could be a toy, a game, something to use…. anything that you want. Think carefully about what you are going to make, what shape is it? How big do you want it to be? Do you need more than one box? Do you need to attach anything to it, or cut bits out?  You could draw and label your design first so that you know what you are going to make. Once you have made your item ask your grown ups to email a picture of it to show your teachers. We cannot wait to see what exciting things you have designed and made.



Play ‘Hot and Cold Hide and Seek’ with Teddy. With a grown up or sibling hide a toy in the house and the other person has to find it. If they are close to it you can tell them they are warm, if they get nearer they are hot, getting hotter etc. If they are not near to it, they are cold, getting colder and if they are far far away from it, they are freezing. When the toy is found can you use your positional language skills to describe where it was, for example the teddy was hiding on top of the toy box, next to the window. Take turns to hide and find.



We are all missing our friends and families at the moment. Write a letter to someone that you are missing lots and tell them what it is that you are missing about them. You could draw a picture of yourself with this special person, maybe doing what you like to do most with them or what you are looking forward to doing when you see them next. Use your phonics skills to label your picture, try and write a sentence about what you miss about them, and most importantly write your name on your letter so that they know who it is from. Ask your grown ups if you can post your letter or keep it safe to give to them when you next see them.



Watch the story Little Cloud and think about the following questions. You can talk about the questions, your thoughts and ideas with your grown ups and you can even try to write down some ideas. Perhaps draw a picture of your favourite part of the story and label it.

  • How do you think Little cloud was feeling when he was trailing behind the other clouds?
  • Using your hands and arms show your grown ups what upwards and downwards might look like.
  • Using your arms show what little cloud might look like when he turned into a giant cloud.
  • Why do you think sheep and clouds sometimes look alike?
  • If you were little cloud, what shape would you like to turn into and why?
  • Little cloud turned into two trees. What is different about the two trees? What shapes do they look like? Which tree is your favourite shape of tree?
  • ‘Little cloud changed into a hat, because……’ Why do you think little cloud changed into a hat? Why might somebody need to wear a hat?
  • Little cloud ‘drifted’, what do we mean by the word drifted? Can you explain the word drifted using your words or with actions?



At the end of the story ‘Little Cloud’ all the clouds merged together into one big cloud and it began to rain. Have a look at the following video of how you can carry out a science experiment to recreate the rain coming from a cloud. Using just water, shaving foam, and food colouring you can make your own rain cloud. Have a go and talk to your grown ups about what is happening. You can draw a diagram of your experiment and label the different ingredients needed to make your rain cloud. But, most of all have fun and don’t forget your umbrellas!!! Why do you think the food colouring moved through the shaving foam? Why do you think the shaving foam stayed on top of the water? Share your ideas with your grown ups and email your teachers your thoughts.

Cloud experiment

Little Cloud Story


Continue to practise your phonics and keep accessing bug club and purple mash for fun and exciting activities.