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Returning to School

It’s important to help your child to understand the changes we have made here at Crossley Hall. This video may help your child to understand what it will be like when they return to school.

In our bubble classrooms we have removed items that cannot be regularly cleaned. Each child has the resources they need for the day prepared in advance and on their table.



What have we been up to this week?


Frequently asked questions:

When does school start and finish?
The start and end to the school day will be staggered, to avoid congestion on the school site and to allow adults to remain socially distanced. Once your child has been allocated a bubble we will inform you which entrance to use and the specific start and end time for that bubble. This helps to keep everyone safe and socially distant. Where parents are accompanying children to school, they are politely reminded of the need to remain at least 2m from others, walking to school wherever possible rather than using public transport. Senior Leaders will be present on the gates to greet the children and take their temperature, this means that parents do not need to enter the school site. Please help us by arriving and leaving promptly.

What should I do if I am running late to drop off or pick up?
If you are running late, please go to the School Office. Here, you will be asked to wait outside, 2m from others, until the entrance area is free for you to walk inside.

Will school continue to be closed every Friday afternoon?
Yes. School will continue to be closed from midday every Friday so that teachers can participate in planning and preparation time for the following week. This will also allow us to ‘deep clean’ the learning spaces.

Can I come into school?
No. We are currently not accepting visitors or parents into school. If you need to speak to a member of staff, we would ask you telephone our office team, who will arrange a telephone appointment for you.

Who will teach my child, and what activities will they be doing?
Your child will be taught in a small bubble by two adults. Activities will have a curriculum focus, with a mixture of reading, writing, maths and topic sessions as well as plenty of outdoor learning, with daily PE to get active and out in the fresh air. We know that your child has missed a large amount of schooling in anxious circumstances this year, so a significant portion of learning time will also be dedicated to promoting mental health and wellbeing. All in-school learning will be available to those children who are still based at home. Children will eat their lunch within their designated bubble classroom. School lunches will be delivered to each classroom door. Surfaces will be cleaned before and after eating.

Does my child need to wear their uniform?
No. It has been 10 weeks since your children last wore their uniform and they may have grown out of it. Your children are therefore under no obligation to wear their uniform to school. We do, however, ask that where possible they wear clean clothes each day to reduce any possible transmission of the virus.

What should my child bring?
Each child will need to bring with them a water bottle. If they are having a packed lunch they will also need their lunch in a sealed and named bag or lunch box. If the weather is warm children should apply suncream before school and bring a hat. Please don’t bring other items into school.

What if my child feels unwell whilst at school?
As would usually be the case, if your child feels unwell, they will be looked after by a qualified first-aider in a separate room away from the other children. You will be contacted to come and collect your child via the School Office. Administering first-aid requires close contact between adult and child, therefore the adult will wear PPE to keep both of them safe.

Is there someone I can talk to, to discuss the plan and risk assessments?
Of course! You can contact the School Office on 01274 488703 or e-mail AdminTeam@crossleyhallprimary.co.uk, and arrange a telephone appointment with a Senior Leader.

Is there anything I can do to help?
Yes- please follow the rules and discuss these with your children. Now that your child is attending school and mixing with others again, it is vitally important that your family follows the Government’s rules. That is; staying at home as much as possible, limiting contact with people from outside your household, keeping your distance (at least 2m) from others, washing your hands regularly and self-isolating at home if you or anyone in your household displays symptoms of Coronavirus. We look forward to safely welcoming your child back to school as soon as possible. If you have any further questions, please do get in touch with us.