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As we move into our final half term of the year, and open school to more pupils, we want to ensure that whether your child is at home or at school they are able to access the same lessons. Therefore, each year group will now have daily activities in English, Maths, PSHCE, PE and a range creative activities over the week. Our teachers can be contacted through the year group email addresses (y5@crossleyhallprimary.co.uk) to offer support and answer any questions. We love seeing photos of your learning at home, do keep in touch.

Summer Week 1 Reception

Summer Week 1 Year 1

Summer Week 1 Year 2

Summer week 1 year 3

Summer week 1 year 4

Summer Week 1 Year 5

Summer Week 1 Year 6



Preparing to return to school.

This video will help to explain to children the changes that we have made in school.



Here are some ideas to help promote the wellbeing of the whole family:

  • Share worries and seek out support from friends and wider family
  • Live a healthy lifestyle by eating well, exercising, having fun and getting enough sleep
  • Stay well informed by finding out more about topics that might cause concern, but not becoming overwhelmed by these
  • Never stop talking and listening to each other through good times and bad.


Here is the last key Stage 1 video, we hope this will make you smile.


50 fun things to try at home





Ways to Feel Better