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Summer Week 5 CHiPs



Looking at books and reading stories exposes children to a wide range of language features and vocabulary. It provokes children’s curiosity and discussion. This week choose a familiar book your child enjoys looking at. Encourage your child to turn the pages and talk about the pictures they see. Ask open ended questions to encourage your child to use their words. -“What is the old lady doing?” “What is going to happen next?”



Step on the shape

Cut large shapes from paper of 3 circles, 3 squares (the shapes need to be large enough for you child to stand on). Use tape to stick the shapes around the room on the floor. Ask your child “Can you jump on a square?” “Can you run to a circle?” Add different movements to make it fun: “Can you put your hands on a circle?” Ask your child “What shape should I stand on?” and see if your child can name the shapes. If your child doesn’t answer, offer a choice and use pointing gestures. Ask your child “Should I stand on a square or a circle?”




When you are outdoors, this could be the garden or when you are out in the park. Listen to the sounds you can hear in your environment- ducks quacking, birds singing or an aeroplane flying in the sky. You can say to  your child “I can hear a car? What sounds can you hear?”


Physical development

Children enjoy playing with balls. Can your child Kick, throw, catch and roll the ball? Try having a go at doing the same using a smaller ball. This helps children with motor planning, understanding cause and effect and builds on their team working skills.


Feely box

Place one item at a time in a feely box without your child seeing it. This could be a food such as an apple or your child’s favourite toy. Ask your child to put his/her hand in to the box and feel it. Ask your child to guess what’s inside the box? Repeat this activity with other objects that you find at home.


100 things to do indoors 37- Make paper aeroplanes

Children enjoy making paper aeroplanes. You can get the whole family involved and make an aeroplane each! You can use plain/coloured paper or newspaper and decorate your aeroplane using felt pens, coloured crayons or paint it!  Have an aeroplane race, who can fly their aeroplane the furthest, or the highest?


50 things to do before 5: Activity 33 – Home from Home

Children enjoy making dens and creating small cosy places. Use blankets, bath towels or bed sheets to build a den. You can do this inside the house or outdoors in the garden. Building a den will help your child learn to problem solve and address challenges that arise. It will also support your child with their physical, mental and social development. Once your child has made the den, read a book, have a den party or get creative and draw a picture!