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Summer Week 5 Nursery

Nursery Home Learning – Week commencing 29th June 2020



Use your small squares with the pictures of the story on you made last week. Can you put them in order? What happens at the beginning of the story? It starts as an egg! What day is first? How much did he eat on Monday? What day was next? Go through each day, what happened at the end?


Play mini-beast guess who.  Your adult will describe a mini-beast to you and you have to guess what minibeast it is!

1. I have 6 legs, an can fly and I am black and yellow, what am I? (Bee)

2. I have beautiful colourful wings, and I come from a caterpillar, what am I? (Butterfly)

3. I have a very long body, but I don’t have any legs, what am I? (Worm)

4. I have 8 legs and I like to make cobwebs. (Spider)

5. I have block spots and 6 legs. (Ladybird)

6. I leave a shiny trail when I move and I carry my house on my back, what am i? (Snail)

Circle Time/Creative Activity

Choose a mini-beast to find out some facts about. With your grown up can you make a fact page about your chosen mini-beast? Draw a picture of your mini beast and ask your grown up to write down the facts about the animal. If you want a challenge you could try hear the initial sounds of some of the words.


Can you move like all the different minibeasts? Can you slither like a snail? Can you wiggle like a worm? Can you fly like a bee? Flutter your arms like a butterfly? Crawl like ladybird?




Can you remember all of the hungry caterpillar story? Can you tell it to a grown up? Use your pictures you have drawn, and actions to help you remember and retell the story.  Maybe your grown up could video you telling the story and send it to the nursery email so Miss Shaw can watch it!


Watch the video to listen to the song for the ‘p’ sound. https://www.youtube.com/watch?

The grown will hide all the objects/pictures that begin with the ‘p’ sound around the room. (E.g. pirate, pen, pancake, paint, pig, pizza, popcorn)

Pick out an object from the bag, name it and then tell the grown up what sound it starts with.

Circle Time/Creative Activity

Continue making your fact file book. Choose another mini-beast to find out some facts about. With your grown up can you make a fact page about your chosen mini-beast? Draw a picture of your mini beast and ask your grown up to write down the facts about the animal. If you want a challenge you could try hear the initial sounds of some of the words.


Here are some of the boogie beebie dances for you to join in with:







Have a look at the different patterns on these butterflies. What patterns can you see? Are they spotty? Stripy? What colours have they got? Are they the same on each side?

Phonics –  

Repeat this activity from last week. Using pictures of mini-beasts, face them all upside down. Pick up a card one at a time. What sound does it start with? Encourage your child to hear the initial sound but if they struggle model it for them. E.g, c,c, caterpillar. Or a,a,ant.  If they would like an extra challenge, encourage them to hear any other sounds in the words.



Circle Time/Creative Activity

Can you make a home outside for some mini-beasts? Where do lots of minibeasts live? They like places that are quiet, lots of grass/leaves and mud. Can you find a quiet space outside, in your garden to build a house for the mini-beasts. You could use a log or sticks, some grass and mud to make it nice and cosy for them!


Find yourself a ball or something big and round that you can practise throwing with. Can you throw the ball to a grown up or a sibling. How many times can you throw and catch it? Start close together and if you can do it, try and get further away.




Have a look at the caterpillars below. There is a repeating pattern in the caterpillars can you see what it is?

Can you see red, green, red, green and then blue, yellow, blue yellow, or pink, purple, pink, purple.

Can you find something green and red to copy the patterns above?


Can you match the rhyming words together. Remember rhyming is when the word sounds the same at the end.

Circle Time/Creative Activity

Mood Monsters. This week look at the picture of the orange Mood Monster. How do you think the red monster feels? They feel surprised. Show me your surprised face? Talk about the things that might make you feel surprised and talk about a time when you might have felt this way.


Can you practise our dance songs again!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxpXZa-w2O4&list=WL&index=7&t=0s Listen to the words in the song to remember the moves.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZanHgPprl-0&list=WL&index=7 This one is head shoulder knees and toes, so remember to touch the right body part!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMwSNDRP90o&list=WL&index=10 This is our balancing song. Remember to: waddle like a penguin, swing your arms like an elephant,  balance on the pretend ball with one leg and our side to side leg balances.




Have a look a the repeating pattern caterpillars below. Can you continue the pattern? What colours are in the pattern? What colour comes next?


Can you sing some nursery rhymes about mini beasts E.g. Incy Wincy, Spider, The ants go marching, wiggly woo.

Circle Time/Creative Activity

Craft activity – minibeasts


Follow the link and join in with the cosmic yoga video, following the story of ‘Arnold the Ant’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWowDC3x0hE


Try to practise writing your names using your name cards everyday!  

Please keep sending pictures or videos of things you are doing to the nursery email address for Miss Shaw! The email address is nur@crossleyhallprimary.co.uk