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Summer Week 5 Year 3

Week commencing 22nd June 2020

PowerPoints are all available from the school website. If you have difficulty accessing the PowerPoint lessons or activity sheets, please get in touch via the Year 3 email address – y3@crossleyhallprimary.co.uk


The information that follows has been written by Professor Folklore, an expert on Trolls from the University of Myth and Legend.  He wondered whether you could also become an expert on trolls. Read his report The Truth about Trolls below. Or listen to it here:  https://soundcloud.com/talkforwriting/trolls/s-7815f2MesfN

The Truth about Trolls

Many people believe trolls are angry, mean beasts that terrify goats and people. However, this is not true. Here is the truth about trolls.

What do trolls look like?
Like the ogre, trolls are huge. They look fierce and ugly but to another troll they are kind and beautiful. The adult troll has small, beady eyes, a bulbous, warty nose and sharp, yellow teeth. Most trolls have long, curly horns on their heads similar to a goat. Interestingly, a few trolls do not have any horns at all. No one knows why.

Where do trolls live?
Trolls are usually found in very cold countries like Iceland. They make their homes in caves near volcanoes which provide both warmth and shelter. They live peacefully in small family groups, hidden away from people. One troll, who was very grumpy, lived alone under a wooden bridge. Because he bullied the local goats, he gave all trolls a very bad name.

What do trolls eat? 

Trolls enjoy eating all types of seafood. Trolls fish in total darkness so that they are not seen by anyone. They mostly eat their food raw. Sometimes, when the volcanoes have erupted, they cook their food on the hot rocks. In addition, they gather large mushrooms and dig up juicy roots that grow in the forest. Surprisingly, goats are not on the menu!

Did you know?
Amazingly, trolls like to have fun. They love singing and dancing. When they sing, it sounds like a rumble of thunder. When they dance, it feels like an earthquake. Sadly, because of the troll that upset the goats, all trolls now hide away from view.

They can still be seen, though, if you look really hard and believe. The rocks here are actually just sleeping trolls!


 Can you think of actions to help you remember the text?



Today we are going to be looking at adding and subtracting hundreds.

Follow the link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VIgPv2vyn5Vx591LaYlSlqrIlTWE8D5K/view?usp=sharing to a power point tutorial and accompanying questions for you to try.

Activity sheet:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SwNEDWNwCERB42gNS8hnH-Wu24MTZ_OR/view?usp=sharing


What do we mean by a talent? Ask other people in your home and then write your own definition of what talent means.
Does everybody have the same sort of talents as everyone else?
In what ways can people be talented? Try to think of talents which aren’t associated with performing. Write down your ideas.
If you took part in a talent show what talent would you want to display?
Which part of the body do you think controls our talents?

Keeping Active
Climb the Ladder:
•Place 3 targets on the floor in a line, 1m away from each other.
•Using a small object can you throw the object and hit the first target.
•When you have hit the first target, only then can you move onto the next target.
•How many throws does it take to hit all 3 targets?
•If you are playing against a partner, the first player to hit all 3 targets is the winner.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDKKTWrIyUY&list=PLnwoPgo24bhmqV8Y76iXnwYw9T9AlxbqJ&index=6&t=0s

Or view the activity card here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zDnniZeMTroGnQABvVpiF3OguQNdO3yD/view?usp=sharing

Watch this video: https://explorify.wellcome.ac.uk/en/activities/whats-going-on/shooting-sprouts/classroom?view-type=public

Or have a look at this picture

What can you see happening?

Try to germinate some seeds from fruit or vegetables. You could collect a few seeds from some fruit such as a tomato or a melon and make a plant pot by recycling a carton, yoghurt pot or just some rolled-up paper. Make sure you keep any compost moist and that each pot is able to drain water away easily. Keep an eye on your unusual pots and see how long the seeds take to germinate.




Look at the words in bold in the text you read yesterday. See if you can work out what they mean and write down your ideas. Find the activity sheet here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OHF5LYVFwGIf_lVj8dXE-Vs4xX7KIUcj/view?usp=sharing


Today we are going to be looking at spotting patterns.

Follow the link https://drive.google.com/file/d/11HSxb71nN7ACeq2hjbGvVptDF65Pa5K0/view?usp=sharing to a power point tutorial and accompanying questions for you to try.

Activity sheet:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/16FZY_TX74g_pZq7qD3Pjrrfzr6xi9DFp/view?usp=sharing


Harold is happy and healthy and likes doing things with his friends.


Kiki is full of energy and loves bouncing although she is sometimes overenthusiastic and rushes into things without thinking.

 Derek is good at art and although he sometimes seems big-headed he’s actually quite shy

Which character are you most like and why?

Keeping Active
Continuous Battleships:
• With a partner, each player places six targets (battleships) in front of them.
• Players take turns to throw an object towards their opponent’s battleships.
• Each time a battleship is hit, it is taken by the thrower and added to their battleships.
• Players are not allowed to stop the object from hitting a battleship.
• The winner is the first player to hit all of their partner’s battleships.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYhdxEcfwDs&list=PLnwoPgo24bhmqV8Y76iXnwYw9T9AlxbqJ&index=7&t=0s
Or view the activity card here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15fx0Hing3hQFwLpeQv0ms-F2Of13N3fA/view?usp=sharing

Practice your French colours. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VunB6q6It-gDjeDh1SEd5scMjLQrR9yL/view?usp=sharing




Today we are going to explore how adjectives can make our writing more exciting.

To make information writing interesting for the reader you can add adjectives to describe different nouns. In ‘The Truth about Trolls’, the writer, Professor Folklore, has decided to describe the eyes, nose and teeth of the trolls using two adjectives.

These have been separated using a comma as this is a list.

small, beady eyes                   _________ , __________ eyes

bulbous, warty nose                               _________ , __________ nose

sharp, yellow teeth                                 _________ , __________ teeth

Try and think of some interesting adjectives to describe different bits of a troll. Try to make your troll seem friendly or unfriendly.
The troll has: __________________ , ___________________ horns
__________________ , ___________________ hair
__________________ , ___________________ ears
__________________ , ___________________ hands

Find the activity sheet here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16vgIyuRt9cF3zH_ZQI4q9KzV1C798rya/view?usp=sharing



Today we are going to be looking at adding and subtracting 2 digit and 3 digit numbers.

Follow the link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TeRCeZpiU7GpCxC-l5JMtAQkJYYiVGPv/view?usp=sharing to a power point tutorial and accompanying questions for you to try.

Activity sheet:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t1e3ByUDdqEitwxK42-1UfahCLawlZCE/view?usp=sharing


Skills and talents can be grouped into these categories:
• Linguistic – people who are skilled with using words – reading, writing, poetry, word games etc.
• Logical – people who are skilled in thinking in a mathematical or scientific way
• Physical/Practical – people who are skilled at coordinating their body (gymnasts, athletes, sports • people etc.) or skilled in a practical way (mechanics, builders, chefs etc.)
• Visual/Spatial – people who are skilled at art and design (architects, painters, sculptors etc.)
• Musical – people who are skilled musically (singers, instrumentalists, drummers etc.)
• Inter-personal – people who are good at working with others and being part of a team or a natural leader
• Intra-personal – people who like working more by themselves and are quite reflective in their nature
• Naturalistic – people who are good with nature and the natural world (farmers, gardeners, vets etc.)

Which different areas do you feel your talents/skills lie in? You can have skills in more than one category!

Keeping Active
Golf Rolling:
• Place 5 targets in different places on the floor (garden or in a room).
• Decide on a starting point and it mark out.
• The aim of the game is for pupils to roll a ball, making it rest against one of the targets in the least amount of rolls possible.
• The winner is the player who rests their ball against a target with the fewest rolls. Repeat with all of the different targets.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Loyh6M01S7k
Or view the activity card here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wM2AmQa00WP_8JsVFXg0a88lziSGffKs/view?usp=sharing

Have a look at the ‘zoom in zoom out’ activity here: https://explorify.wellcome.ac.uk/en/activities/zoom-in-zoom-out/give-it-a-try/classroom?view-type=public

Or have a look at the picture below.

What do you think this picture is?  Why?

Has your idea changed? What do you think it is now? When you have had a guess, look at the next picture to find out!

Was your guess correct?

Now have a look at the footwear you have in your house together. What do you think are the best shoes for running? How might you test your ideas and decide?
CHALLENGE: Can you make some footwear, such as flip-flops or slippers, from recyclable materials (paper, card, clean packaging materials, any fabric scraps or old clothing) in your house?




Sentence of 3 game – You can see that 3 features have been used to help describe the troll:
The troll has beady eyes, a bulbous nose and yellow teeth.
Now use your nouns and adjectives from yesterday to write new sentences of three to describe your troll.

Use your ideas to draw your troll – label the different features.

Find the activity sheet here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zn5GoLpPGNuo4WpH6IMuEOXE2QnE9XJw/view?usp=sharing



Today we are going to be looking at adding 2 digit and 3digit numbers, crossing 100 or 10.

Follow the link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dijuXfCDnqVYNB_a6CRJ6Y9ZhwBcfTEh/view?usp=sharing to a power point tutorial and accompanying questions for you to try.

Activity sheet:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uzZ6FA8WVo-wtva3IdfoSZrMsuPm4BaV/view?usp=sharing


Select a talent or skill that you are most proud of. How can you demonstrate your special talent/skill? Spend some time today rehearsing and practicing your skill. When you’re ready, perform your talent/skill to somebody at home.

Keeping Active
In the box:
• Lay out 3 boxes in a row.
• Players must throw 3 steps back from the first box.
• If you throw an object into the nearest box you score 1 point, if you throw it in the middle box you score 2 points, if you throw it into the end box you score 3 points.
• Each player has 3 throws. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIIjhwCBTdA&list=PLnwoPgo24bhmqV8Y76iXnwYw9T9AlxbqJ&index=9&t=0s
Or view the activity card here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k5HrZnO9odSq5yO_QTCsCHe59AEfeBp9/view?usp=sharing


Find the instructions and printable sheets here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DMcFEQcLa1jIICrNfU7zhwjE4zsGMif4/view?usp=sharing
Then answer the questions below.

  1. Drop the gyrocopter once. Did it spin the same way?
  2. Do all gyrocopters spin the same way?
  3. Which way do they spin? (Think about if you’re looking from above or below.)
  4. Can you explain how the gyrocopters work?
  5. What happens when the wings are cut shorter?
  6. How small a gyrocopter can be made? (Blue or white tack can be used to replace the paper clip in very small gyrocopters.)
  7. What happens when you add more paper clips?
  8. Here is a real life scenario: If aid is to be dropped in an area where planes cannot land, can large gyrocopters be used to replace parachutes? Use a paper clip to represent a bag of rice. How many bags can one gyrocopter hold and not hit the ground too hard?
  9. How large a gyrocopter can be made?




Add-On Adverbs Game

Information texts have lots of ‘facts’ about a topic. It is helpful to have words that ‘add on’ facts for the reader and not just use and … and … and … .

For example, in the ‘Truth about Trolls’, ‘In addition’ has been used as a sentence starter to ‘add on’ other things that trolls like to eat:

In addition, they gather large mushrooms and dig up juicy roots that grow in the forest.

You need to use a comma after In addition when it is at the start of the sentence.

Read the sentence above again out loud and change In addition to Additionally, Also or Furthermore. These are other adverbs that help you add on information.

What else do you think trolls might like to eat? Write out a list of food. Try thinking about food you really like or dislike.

Find the activity sheet here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M1A9UgfGgFP9ZmZ83fV1nZ4tx8hKgqIo/view?usp=sharing



Today we are going to be looking at subtracting 2digit numbers from 3 digit numbers. Crossing 100 or 10.

Follow the link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ejMIn9x4wgMkQkL-54_Pt8qHochZHgHL/view?usp=sharing to a power point tutorial and accompanying questions for you to try.

Activity sheet:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Wh6Zzmz51g4KMqG7ricNVOUJG_Qn7JMB/view?usp=sharing


Design a certificate/rosette/award to recognize and celebrate your talent/skill. You can use the sheet here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aBJcNP6Wy0PYHCI9avD56Xea15zHi0uS/view?usp=sharing to help.

Keeping Active
Right Way, Wrong Way:
• Layout objects; teddy bears, cones or toys across the space making sure they are all upside down.
• On ‘go’ how long does it take to turn all the objects the right way up?
• What could you do to get quicker and beat your time?
• Play against an opponent. Who can turn all the objects around the quickest?

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpnSgcqVxXg&list=PLnwoPgo24bhmqV8Y76iXnwYw9T9AlxbqJ&index=13&t=0s
Or view the activity card here:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1axVh-QMab4vBvsd9zVkBpHnNZl_6l9Zh/view?usp=sharing

Create an origami frog hopper. Find the activity here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZpmOD-zxbIpgdRIy99ZkBjoDNdVZ7GzY/view?usp=sharing

Don’t forget to take photographs of your work and email them to your teachers: y3@crossleyhallprimary.co.uk

Your teachers will also be allocating work through My Maths, Bug Club and Purple Mash.