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Summer Week 5

We have had another fun week of learning at home and at school. Please do keep in touch through the year group email address and keep sending in your photographs, we love to see what you have been getting up to. Home learning packs are available for all year groups from the school office to support you with your home learning.


Summer Week 5 CHiPs

Summer Week 5 Nursery

Summer Week 5 Reception

Summer Week 5 Year 1

Summer Week 5 Year 2

Summer Week 5 Year 3

Summer Week 5 Year 4

Summer Week 5 Year 5

Summer Week 5 Year 6



Learning a new skill boosts positive thoughts, why not have a go at learning to draw as a family. Remember that you might not be an expert the first time you try but practise makes perfect.






Read this story together. Think about the personalities of the different characters.

How could you help others in this pandemic?