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Week 1 Activities

What a week! I am sure you will agree that it has been challenging to adapt to the new way of life and caring for relatives as well as keeping everyone safe and trying to maintain a sense of normality is not an easy task, yet in true Crossley style our community has pulled together and done a fantastic job. Thank you to the site staff, cleaners and office team who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of things, your efforts do not go unnoticed! Please do keep in touch through the office and year group email addresses, we are here for any support you need.

The focus of the first week was to relax into this new way of life. Our teachers created paper based activities for children to complete at home as well as ensuring that work is set regularly on MyMaths, Bug Club and Purple Mash which are platforms the children are familiar with using in school. As we move into week 2 we have a couple of new challenges for you.

  1. Begin building up a timetable of home learning. This will not be like being at school but it is important to keep our brains and bodies healthy during this time. This week try to build up:

30 mins exercise

30 mins writing activities using Pobble 365 (see below)

30 mins maths

30 mins creative activity

We appreciate that everyone finds themselves in very different situations so be kind to yourselves, this may seem totally unreasonable or you may already be doing more. There is a list below of other useful daily sessions that will help your children at home.


  1. Share a story and photo competition.

It’s easy to lose the togetherness when we are physically apart but this week we are launching a weekly story writing competition and photo challenge. Entries will be shared on our website and Facebook page so that you can see what others have been getting up to. Please send your entries via the Facebook page or via the year group email address (e.g. y5@crossleyhallprimary.co.uk).

Share a story week 1

Look what happened when you weren’t here! Can you write the story of when the Tiger came to Crossley Hall?

Photo competition

Signs of hope. As I walked to school yesterday I saw a few houses with pictures of rainbows and other children’s drawings in the windows. It brightened my day and so I knew the Crossley Hall children would want to be involved in something like that. This week find time to be creative and pop your artwork in a window to brighten the day of others as they take their daily exercise. Don’t forget to look out for your friend’s artwork if you go out for a walk with your family.


  1. Keeping in touch.

Over the course of the next week, our teachers will be trying to make contact with you and the children. It is also important for you to keep in contact with friends and relatives that we cannot see during the pandemic. If you can, allow your children time to make a phone call and share what they have been up to. It is a confusing time for adults as well as children but if we talk about how we are feeling and what we have been doing it can help us to feel less isolated.


Activities to complete at home


Pobble 365 English lessons

The lesson presentations below have a story starter and grammar activities as well as questions to discuss. Our teachers will be delighted to read your work so please send photos and emails through the year group emails.


Animal Town https://app.pobble.com/lessons/preview/bbe1c65f

Magic https://app.pobble.com/lessons/preview/b642d543?utm_source=Mailchimp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=magic

Rumpelstiltskin https://app.pobble.com/lessons/preview/1a785560

On the Prowl https://app.pobble.com/lessons/preview/28bd9ab4

Hanging On https://app.pobble.com/lessons/preview/1530e81b?utm_source=Mailchimp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=hanging_on

Queen Bee https://app.pobble.com/lessons/preview/bbe1c65f

The Hole in the Fence https://app.pobble.com/lessons/preview/bb9c15d9?utm_source=Mailchimp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=hole_in_the_fence

Journey to School https://app.pobble.com/lessons/preview/523531cb?utm_source=Mailchimp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=journey_to_school

Mother of Dragons https://app.pobble.com/lessons/preview/09ef641e

Superman’s Dilemma https://app.pobble.com/lessons/preview/53de0b18?utm_source=Mailchimp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=supermans_dilemma



Save our Environment https://app.pobble.com/lessons/preview/9cd8c797?utm_source=PDF&utm_medium=Download&utm_campaign=save_our_environment_5-6

The Astronaut  https://app.pobble.com/lessons/preview/e289d672?utm_source=Mailchimp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=astronaut_6-7

All about our food https://app.pobble.com/lessons/preview/af43ea1d?utm_source=PDF&utm_medium=Download&utm_campaign=All_About_Food_5-6

Tree of Life https://app.pobble.com/lessons/preview/bdd8ed23?utm_source=PDF&utm_medium=Download&utm_campaign=tree_of_life_5-6


Pobble 365 also suggest the following non screen activities