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Week 5 Activities

Week 5 Activities

Writing competition

What do you think these giraffes are getting up to?

Watch the video to find out: Giraffe Video 

Can you write your own story about a creature getting up to something unusual? Perhaps you could even create your own stop motion animation using Purple Mash or Lego Movie Maker? Miss Hepworth was inspired by the video to write a story about a turtle trying to find a new hobby.

(see larger image at the bottom of the page)


Learning at Home

Now that we know school will be closed for at least another 3 weeks we know that some of you are concerned about your child’s learning. Please be assured that they will not fall behind and our incredible staff will do everything they can to minimise the disruption once it is safe to return to school. For the time being, if you want to access some additional lessons, the BBC and DfE have created useful resources for you to access online. Each day there is a different English, Maths and Foundation subject lesson for each year group.

The BBC resources can be found here https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/dailylessons

The Oak Academy resources can find these here https://www.thenational.academy/online-classroom/schedule/

As with all previous activities, our teachers are available to offer support through the year group email addresses.


Create a Time Capsule

When you grow up it will be interesting to remember what it was live to live through the Coronavirus outbreak, you could use the following sheets or design your own pages and hide them in a box somewhere in your house. Then, years later, you can read and remember what it was like when we all stayed home to keep everyone safe.



Celebrating Success

One of our pupils has written a poem about life in lockdown. Thank you for sharing the work you have been doing at home.



As you know the most important thing right now is to keep everyone happy and healthy. Here are 3 different ideas for maintaining our wellbeing this week.

At school we use the SCARF materials for teaching PSHCE, during this period of closure the company are publishing a daily update with a story about how Harold the Giraffe is staying happy and healthy at home.¬†Harold’s Daily Diary

There are many benefits to singing and creating music. Out of the ark has created a resource for singing at home (Out of the Ark) or why not try creating your own musical instruments?

We know that many of our children enjoy baking but it’s important that we are eating healthy, balanced meals so that we are getting the nutrients our body needs. Have a look at these healthy eating ideas and enjoy tasting something new as well as learning a new skill.

Jamie Oliver Kids

Jack Monroe Recipes


Weekly Challenges.

We have got a little out of sync with the challenges, please see the Week 4 Challenge page. We will be back on track next Monday.


Miss Hepworth’s story