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Week 6 Activities

Art Challenge

This week we want to see your creativity and artistic flair in a change to the weekly writing competition. Can you create a portrait of a family member or a landscape view from your window? Could you create a pencil sketch to develop your observational drawing skills or be inspired with an online art tutorial? We will try to include as many entries as possible into the gallery for next week.


Turning tidying up into a game

The children in school this week have been having a go at the daily challenges but today they found the tidying up just as much fun as creating the rainbow.



BBC Learning

Each weekday, you will be able to find the following resources: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize

Bitesize Daily Every day there will be six 20 minute programmes that will air on BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button targeting six age groups, from 5 to 14, where teachers, experts and famous faces cover appropriate content for that year group.

Bitesize Daily Online The website has instructional videos and activities that can be used alongside the daily programmes to provide additional learning opportunities.

BBC Sounds Two brand new daily education podcasts will be available on BBC Sounds aimed at parents of primary and secondary pupils. Each episode will last around ten minutes and will be a guide to help families home schooling find content on the BBC that supports their education and wellbeing.


Please remember that at this time we want you to focus on keeping your family safe and well, we are not expecting you to home school your children but highlighting resources  that you could use to help structure your day.



Keeping Active

Keeping a healthy active lifestyle is so important during this time. Activities as simple as playing in the garden and going for a walk can have huge benefits to our health and wellbeing. The NHS website has lots of fun family games for you to try. You could play ‘Keep an eye on Olaf’ or ‘Find Forky’, send us a picture of your favourite game to play as a family.

Change for Life Activities and Games


Weekly Challenges

We love seeing what you have been getting up to at home, keep emailing your teachers

EYFS Challenges

KS1 Challenges

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