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Week 7 Activities

Home Learning

We know that you are keen to support your children to make progress at home, little and often remains our top advice but here are the links to the daily lessons that you can access online.

BBC Bitesize

White Rose Maths Lessons

Oak Academy

Pie Corbett’s Daily Writing lessons

Pobble 365 Writing Stimuli


Online Story

Margaret Mulligan is an author who is reading a chapter of her book ‘Katy Parker and the House That Cried’ once a week. The story is a time slip adventure set in the current day and Second World War, in which school children Katy and Patrick find themselves mysteriously plunged back into the past as evacuees, where they have to change the course of history to avert a terrible tragedy and make there way back home. Follow the link for the first installment

Katy Parker and the house that cried


Join Us: Move and Play

At Crossley Hall we are part of the JU:MP project which encourages families to join together to enjoy playing and being physically active together. Here you will find a variety of ideas that you can engage with together at home.




Wellbeing remains our top priority during this time, it is so important to keep talking about our feelings and that our children know that they are safe and that it is normal to be feeling a whole range of emotions at this time. Here are 2 new activities to help promote talking about feelings this week.





And finally my favourite part of the weekly update – the weekly challenges!

Nursery Challenges

Reception Challenges

Year 1 and 2 Challenges

Year 3 and 4 Challenges

Year 5 and 6 Challenges

Please keep sending in your pictures so that we can update the gallery with what you have been getting up to.