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Week 9 Activities

Writing Competition

This little fellow has appeared.

How did it get there? Nobody knows.

Why is it here? Nobody knows.

What will happen when he wakes up? Nobody knows.

What should we do? What if more start appearing? Is he a friend or a foe?

Can you create a piece of writing for the anthology on the website? You could write the story of how he appeared at Crossley Hall or what happened when he woke up and came to life? Perhaps you could write a report about what sort of creature it is or a letter to the council asking for advice. Send your writing in through Facebook or the year group email addresses.


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This week is Mental Health Awareness week and the theme is kindness. How can you be kind to yourself and kind to others this week?


Thank a Teacher day

On Wednesday it is ‘Thank a Teacher day’. We know that every member of staff at Crossley Hall works hard because we love doing what we do but if you would like to show a little extra appreciation for your teachers and other members of staff maybe you could make a card for them or send in a picture through the year group email address. We all miss seeing your smiling faces and I know that seeing your artwork and photographs really lifts the teachers in these challenging times.


Share a story

Whilst the Bradford libraries are closed there are weekly stories and rhymes to share at home for children of all ages. The Bookstart bear also has a rhyme for helping younger children remember the importance of handwashing. Find a selection of stories here: Bradford Libraries


Online Learning

There are no White Rose Maths Hub worksheets available this week but hopefully this will be resolved quickly. The videos are still available and the full range of online lessons and activities are available through  BBC Bitesize, Oak National Academy, www.pobble365.com and radioblogging.net. Our teachers continue to be available through the year group email addresses, we love hearing about your learning at home.