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Year 3 and 4 Challenges


Here is the start of a story about this picture.

No one knew where they had come from. Nobody had even been there when they appeared. Once word had spread about these mysterious objects, people had started to flock from far and wide. Sophie loved a mystery, and she herself had journeyed a great way to see if the rumours she had heard were true. She stood on the makeshift stone path that had been hurriedly thrown down to guide the curious onlookers through the scorching desert, and gazed in amazement at the sight that greeted her bewildered eyes…


Use these questions to help you write the rest of the story.

Where have these objects come from?
What is inside them?
Who is Sophie and why is she so interested in these objects?
Where has she travelled from? How did she find the teapots?
Why have people built scaffolding up against them?
Who are the people in the tents and why are they there?
What do you think caused the teapots to crack?



Can you spot the mistakes in these column addition and subtraction calculations? For each, explain the mistake and show the correct working out.



Make a few different types of paper aeroplane (you can find instructions online). Test them to see which flies the furthest. Why do you think the winning one went further? Can you design and fold an even better paper aeroplane?



Have a go at some of these yoga poses at home. How long can you hold one of the poses? Challenge somebody in your house to beat your time.




Choose any country in the world. Find out as much as you can about the country. Think about the weather, famous landmarks, languages spoken, food, native plants and animals. How is the country different to England? Is anything the same? How could you share what you have found out with others?



Bradford is home to many famous people. Research a famous Bradfordian from history. Why are they famous? What did they do? Where in Bradford did they live? Below are some of the famous faces from Bradford which you could research.


Draw a self-portrait. Use a mirror and take time to look carefully at your face. It can be in any style you like. Have a look at some of the examples below.