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Year 5 and 6 challenges

Monday:  English task- dialogue

In a timeless Parisian street there is a little shoemaker called Mr Botte.  He makes and sells a special kind of shoes and business is good.  However, the little shoemaker’s life is about to change… a new shoe seller is in town and he will do anything to gain business.  Mr Botte’s business starts to fail.  How will he cope?  Maybe he will get some help from unexpected quarters


Task: Write the dialogue between the two shoe makers.

Tuesday– Here is list of ingredients Mr Young needs for a chocolate tray bake.

Cocoa powder. 75 grams

Bicarbonate of soda 4 tea spoons

4 Large eggs

Light brown sugar 370 grams

Vegetable oil  180 ml

Self raising flour  200grams

Asda: https://groceries.asda.com/

M&S : https://www.marksandspencer.com/c/food-to-order#intid=gnav_food


Using the online supermarket websites work out:

Where could he can buy the ingredients the cheapest?

Compare the price difference to the most expensive cost for the shopping?

How much will he save after shopping at the cheaper supermarket?



Wednesday –  Purple mash

Under the heading science, if you find the icon where it says scientists, click on the icon and choose a scientist to write a fact file about. You may need to use the internet to search information about the scientist.

Who is the scientist?

Why was he/ she famous?

What was his/ her invention?

How has it impacted us today?



Thursday–   Learning to sing and perform…

Choose a song, prayer or nasheed, learn the words and add actions,  perform it to your family, if you are feeling extra brave you can ask your parents permission and send it to your year group email address.

Here are some examples:



Friday–  Write down a list of all the activities you did during the last couple of weeks, number the activities. Give 1 to the activity you enjoyed doing the most. We will try to incorporate more of this in the coming weeks challenges.



Saturday–  Art  portrait from the future…

Using a mirror and pictures of you older family member, imagine what you may look like in 10 years time. Draw a picture of yourself in the future. If you are stuck you may want to ask your parents, or carers for pictures of them and see how they changed.

The video link below shows a time lapse of someone changing with age.



Sunday– Write an email to your teacher and send it to the year group email.

Some of the things you could ask…

What have they been doing during this time?

Have they learnt anything new?

What are they looking forward to?

You never know you may even get a reply from your teacher.



Send any work you are proud of to the year group email address, remember to type your name so we know who it’s from.



We look forward to your responses!