The Local Authority Admissions Team process all admissions to the main school and also the appeals procedure for these admissions. Admissions to the Nursery are processed by the school.  Please visit their websites for more information.

To apply for a Reception class place in our school you are required to apply online using the Bradford Council website found here.

Advice and guidance is offered to parents and other agencies regarding the availability of school places and all other admission and appeal related enquiries. More information about this can be accessed through the link to the Choice Advisor.

Parent Partnership Service is a service for parents/carers of children who have or may have special educational needs. We support parents to get the best education for their children by working together with all agencies involved.

The Admissions Team also provides advice and guidance concerning current and new legislation relating to admissions and ensures that statutory responsibilities are carried out in accordance with the schools admission and appeal codes.

The telephone number for the Admissions Team is 01274 439200.

The email address is

You can find further details and guidelines here:

Guide for parents | Bradford Council

Please click here to see the schools admissions policy:

PAY Admissions Policy


‘In-year applications’ are defined as applications for admission to Reception which are submitted on or after the first day of the school year of admission, or applications for any other year group.

Our school is part of the Local Authority’s in-year co-ordination scheme for in-year admissions. Details of this scheme can be found online here In-year applications | Bradford Council or you can contact the School Admissions Team by emailing: or by telephoning 01274 439200.

Parents or carers living within the Bradford District who would like their child to move to our school should first contact their child’s current school to discuss the reasons for the transfer.

Parents who are considering sending their children to the school should contact Education Bradford Admissions.  The size of each cohort is show in the table below:

Reception: 90 places

Year 1: 90 places

Year 2: 90 places

Year 3: 90 places

Year 4: 90 places

Year 5: 90 places

Year 6: 90 places

The total number of pupil places is 762

The admissions team, located at Margaret McMillan Tower in Bradford, can be contacted on 01274 439200 or you can email them at When contacting the admissions team, you will need to provide your child’s full name and date of birth.

Members of the public can meet with a member of the School Admissions Team by appointment only on the following days and times:

Monday 9.30am – 12.30pm

Tuesday 1.00pm – 4.00pm

Wednesday – Closed

Thursday 1.00pm – 4.00pm

Friday 9.30am – 12.30pm

Appointments can be made by contacting the team via telephone on 01274 439200.

Nursery Provision

We also offer a 2 year old and 3 year old nursery provision and and manage nursery admissions in school. If you are wanting to apply for one of our Nursery Provisons, please contact the school or collect an application form from the Main Office.

All 2 and 3 year old children are now entitled to 15 hours of Nursery provision. In some cases, depending on your circumstances, 3 year olds can be entitled to 30 hours. If you think you may be eligible for the 30 hours, you must apply on the Goverment website. Alternatively you can click on the link here.

Our Nursery Intake Terms are as follows

September Intake : Those children who’s birthday fall between April to August

Janurary Intake: Those children who’s birthday fall between September to December

April Intake: Those children who’s birthday fall between Janurary to March

If you have any questions regardng the Nursery Provision, you can contact the Main Office

We look forward to meeting you.