Physical Education

As a values-led school, our curriculum is underpinned by promoting inclusion, happiness and raising aspirations. It is through these values that we develop the whole child. We believe that the skills we equip our children with will enable them to go into the world as curious, independent thinkers who are able to appraise and consider any views they are exposed to. 

P.E Subject Intent 

It is our intent that children will learn about the key skills needed to engage in a wide range of sports. It provides opportunities for pupils to become physically confident, to support with and learn about the importance of staying healthy and the effects on body.  Throughout the P.E curriculum the core values will be embedded to allow children to build character through practising the social and emotional skills, such as fair play and respect. Together, the combination of skills and knowledge will give children the drive to participate, compete and excel in sport. 

Key features of our P.E curriculum:  

  • All lessons include a warm up, skill development, Skill Practise, cool down.
  • Health, Fitness and Wellbeing: Children are taught the importance of good practise around Sleep, eating, hygiene
  • Body Awareness: Children are taught about the effects of exercise on their bodies. 
  • Safety: Children are taught about using equipment safely, and the dangers equipment can pose. Behaviour expectations and routines are set from lesson 1, and children are aware this is to ensure safety in lessons. 
  • Peer Coaching: Children are taught to support each other. 
  • Feedback: Children provide feedback on enjoyment of lessons
  • Evaluation: Children are taught to recognise their successes. They compare their skills to previous and talk about how to improve their skills in future. 
  • Leadership: Children are taught to play fairly in group, taking turns and sharing resources. 
  • In good weather, children will take PE lessons outside. 


We work alongside Sports UK to deliver from ‘PE planning’. We have a sports coach that works alongside our teachers to deliver the content from PE planning, provided from Sports UK. This allows teachers to be upskilled in teaching PE, by watching and supporting the coaches during PE lessons. The planning ensures consistency and progression of skills are learnt through many different types of sports.  During KS2, children participate in Swimming lessons. 

Organisation of teaching and learning  

  • Early Years – 1 Hour
  • KS1 and 2 – 1 Hour Weekly Lesson: 

Each lesson consists of:

Warm up

Skill development

Skill Practise – Through games

Cool down

Plenary: Knowledge Check



  • Our plans are underpinned by the National Curriculum.
  • Planning is provided by Sports UK
  • The planning is planned over a half term,  building on skills each week to meet an end goal. 
  • MTP available for each sports/skill
  • The Vocabulary Progression document is used to ensure that vocabulary also builds on from what has been learnt the previous year. 
  • Each Lesson comprises of:   Warm up, Skill development, Skill Practise – Through games, Cool down, Plenary: Knowledge Check, Evaluation



  • Photographs
  • Lesson Drops in’s
  • Progression in Skills across year groups
  • Judgement of children’s skills 
  • Children using key vocabulary 



  • Central resources are stored in the P.E cupboards under the stage. 
  • We have a Sports UK coach that comes in to teach. 


Monitoring Procedures 

Quality of teaching and learning of RE at Crossley Hall Primary School is monitored by:

Teacher Survey (Beginning/End of Year) 

Lesson Observation ( Spring and Summer)

Pupil Voice (Spring/Summer) 

The subject leader is responsible for monitoring attainment and progress, the outcomes of which are fed back to staff at an appropriate time.

PE Curriculum Mapping – Intent

Crossley Hall LTP