The Vines

The Vines is a 24 place specialist resourced provision for children with Speech, Communication and Language difficulties, including Autism. We have two specialist teachers and a team of trained support workers who work with our children both in their classes and in the Resourced Provision. 

We recognise that every student is different and the needs of the individual learner is at the forefront of our practice in The Vines. The main aim of the Provision is to support children so they are able to have opportunities for inclusion within their mainstream classes. We promote a flexible approach based on the needs of the young person. Some children are supported to spend all of their school day within their class whilst others may spend targeted sessions within the Resourced Provision and other sessions within their classes.

We will:

  • Provide a safe, welcoming, motivating and consistent environment for all our students.
  • Support transition from The Vines into class in conjunction with the class teacher.
  •  Have high expectations of all our pupils in order to ensure they reach their individual potential.
  •  Provide ‘hooks’ into learning using a pupil’s interests when possible so they access and enjoy learning.
  •  Commit to the personal development of each pupil, celebrate diversity and share goals.
  •  Deliver highly effective teaching which ensures pupils make progress.
  •  Offer a flexible approach to ensure we cater for the needs of all our pupils.
  • Support our pupils to become confident and resilient individuals.


Within The Vines and when supporting children in their classes, we use a range of well recognised strategies and approaches in the fields of autism and education that have an evidence base  demonstrating their effectiveness. It is an eclectic and holistic approach to Autism encompassing

  • TEACCH principles
  • Visual structure and support
  • Intensive Interaction
  • Social Skills groups
  • Circle Time 
  • Social Stories and comic strip conversations
  • PECS 
  • Speech and Language Therapy


We aim for all our children to: 

  • Become independent learners 
  • Develop their self-awareness
  • Be able to self-regulate and manage their own behaviour


Lead practitioners within The Vines offer regular support and training for all staff and families. They are supported to do this through the involvement of specialist speech and language therapists, advice from Education Psychologist’s and practitioners from Bradford’s specialist Autism team.

The Hub

The Vines also has an extended provision within the main school building, known as The Hub. The Hub is led by a specialist staff team to support diversified needs of pupils both within the Resourced Provision and from mainstream classes on a needs basis. This classroom is centrally located within school and therefore shortens the physical distance between the Resourced Provision and the children’s mainstream classrooms to ease transition and promote reintegration. The Hub allows for a specialist staff team to support other practitioners within school to further develop strategies and interventions to reinforce and promote positive engagement.