As a values-led school, our curriculum is underpinned by promoting inclusion, happiness and raising aspirations. It is through these values that we develop the whole child. We believe that the skills we equip our children with will enable them to go into the world as curious, independent thinkers who are able to appraise and consider any views they are exposed to. 

Computing Subject Intent 

It is our intent that children will learn about the digital world in a way that relates to their everyday life. Through the computing curriculum, our children will gain an understanding of the modern world and will be exposed to differing ways they could fit into it. We insist that they connect with others safely and respectfully, understanding the need to act with moral and ethical integrity online, just as they should in all other aspects of life. Our pupils will discover and develop an understanding of the connected nature of devices. All children are provided with regular opportunities to use devices to assist them in learning new skills and completing high quality work.

Key features of our computing curriculum:  

  • Computing is taught using the Purple Mash schemes of learning, supplemented with other resources such as the NCCE curriculum, Barefoot Computing, Project EVOLVE and NOS.
  • Each year group has access to devices to support them in their learning. iPads are centrally stored for the whole school to use. Year groups (and some individual classes) have their own stock of chromebooks. 
  • Devices are used in most computing lessons but also across the curriculum to further develop pupils’ digital literacy.
  • Every year group begins the year by learning about online safety, building on previous knowledge and making sure it is at the forefront of teachers’ and pupils’ minds.
  • We endeavour to make computing activities relevant to real-life problems and opportunities so our pupils can relate to the subject and see how it affects their everyday life.


Organisation of teaching and learning  

  • Early Years – Skills and vocabulary drip-fed through provision and structured activities.
  • KS1 and KS2 – Weekly computing lesson, duration 45 minutes.



  • We use the Purple Mash scheme of learning supplemented by other resources such as the NCCE Computing Curriculum.
  • The whole school long term plan outlines the units to be covered by each year group, each half term. The units are organised into five different key areas of learning.
  • Lesson plans provided by the Purple Mash Schemes of Learning Identify objectives and outcomes for each unit, as well as indicating the skills being taught. Teachers can amend the LTP to ensure learning and retention are maximised.
  • Teachers use existing teaching resources provided by Purple Mash but edit these slides according to the needs of the cohort.



Computing learning is evidenced on Purple Mash:

  • Each pupil has their own Purple Mash account.
  • Each class teacher is assigned to the three classes in the cohort they are teaching.
  • Pupils save work completed in class into their class folder.
  • Any collaborative work is saved in the class shared folder.



  • Our online resource, Purple Mash, is used to support all teachers for planning and activities. Purple Mash also supports pupils in their learning as they build familiarity of the resource.
  • All year groups 1-6 have access to a supply of Chromebooks. Some year groups have a class set of Chromebooks, others share two caddies between three classes.
  • EYFS have access to their own stock of iPads.
  • iPads shared across school are stored centrally and used for activities to which they lend themselves more effectively than Chromebooks.


Monitoring Procedures 

Quality of teaching and learning of computing at Crossley Hall Primary School is monitored by:

  • Planning scrutiny and staff survey (termly)
  • Pupil Voice Survey (half-termly)
  • Lesson observations in all classes throughout the year. 

The subject leader is responsible for monitoring attainment and progress, the outcomes of which are fed back to staff at an appropriate time. 

Computing Plan Spring 1.docx

2022 – 2023 Computing LTP

EYFS End Points and Vocab Computing.docx

Computing Vocabulary Progression.docx