Welcome to Reception 

Welcome to the Crossley Hall family where your learning journey begins. We know that starting school can be a little bit daunting but we endeavor to support and care for your children as our own- because they are! We are very excited to watch them grow and blossom whilst exploring our fantastic learning environments. We aim to provide fun and stimulating experiences which will broaden their understanding and develop their curiosity. This in turn will provide the building blocks and solid foundations for your child’s school life.


RC – Cats
Our class Teacher is: Mrs Dunn

Our support staff are: Miss Shaffique and Mrs Gondal


RD – Ducklings

Our class Teachers is: Miss Chadwick-Shaw

Our support staff are: Miss Hussain and Miss Rashad


RE – Elephants

Our class Teacher is: Mrs Hassan

Our support staff is: Mrs Khan, Mrs Pilling and Miss Hameed

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Reception LTP

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Reception MTP Summer 2

Parental Information

Outdoor and Provision

You child will have countless opportunities for outdoor play. We encourage children to make use of our outdoor classroom in order to develop their physical ability. It is imperative for them to experience all the different types of weather so please ensure your child comes to school in weather appropriate clothing. They need to bring a coat everyday- regardless of the forecast and sensible shoes.

In the classroom and outside area, children will access water, sand and messy play. Adults will initially encourage your child to wear aprons and wetsuits with the ultimate aim of this becoming their responsibility. Inevitably, your child’s uniform may get dirty. However, everything used in school is machine washable and the dirty clothes are evidence of all their hard work! If you would like to bring in spare named clothing in case uniform gets wet, you are welcome to and this can be kept in their PE bag.

Reception Newsletter Spring 2

Reception Newsletter Summer 2