Nursery Bears

Welcome to Nursery Bears!

We are really looking forward to teaching your child during their first year of school. It’s an exciting time – you will find that once your child has settled in, they will love coming to Nursery and telling you about all their day. Whilst this page will offer some helpful information, please always feel as if you can approach the adults working with your child if you have any questions or comments. Our door is always open!

Settling in

Currently, we are encouraging parents to leave their child in the cloakroom to support their developing independence. Whilst this may be upsetting for members of your family, it will aid the settling in process and help your child to develop in confidence. Members of staff care and nurture for them to ensure they feel safe, secure and happy.  We will always feedback to you at the end of the session with any important information.


At Crossley Hall we aim for pupils to become increasingly independent in order to prepare them for their future. At the age of three, we encourage children to walk rather than be carried by staff or parents; this helps their physical development. They will work towards taking off or putting on their own shoes and coats, as well as independently caring for their things. We also try to ensure pupils are toilet trained as soon as possible. In order for this to be successful, it is important to have regular communication between home and school. Please ask if you would like any further support with this.


In the Early Years we offer a play-based curriculum, meaning pupils can learn about things they are interested in through play. For example, the children have shown a recent interest in castles. You will see that the role play area has been transformed into a castle and there are lots of castle-themed activities on offer, for example making crowns or painting kings and queens. You will notice that adults model activities then encourage pupils to have a go by themselves! We value the independent work that they produce. To help your child, please practise writing their name as often as possible. At this stage, this may mean writing it for your child and encouraging them to look at the letters, saying the sounds you can hear together.

Our Staff

Our teacher is:

Mrs Druce and Mrs Firth

Our Lead Practitioner is:

Mrs Hall

Our Early Years Practitioners are: 

Miss Horn, Miss Hussain, Mrs Ahmed, Mrs Kasher


Parental Information

Please bring in a spare set of clothes for your child. This is in case they need changing after engaging in messy play or due to toilet training.  Please leave this in a bag on your child’s peg. If your child is toilet training, please bring nappies and wipes as well as spare clothes.

Planning throughout the Academic Year 

Nursery 3s LTP

NB Spring 2 MTP

NB Spring 1 MTP

NB Autumn 2 MTP

NB Autumn 1 MTP