As a values-led school, our curriculum is underpinned by promoting inclusion, happiness and raising aspirations. It is through these values that we develop the whole child. We believe that the skills we equip our children with will enable them to go into the world as curious, independent thinkers who are able to appraise and consider any views they are exposed to. 

Geography Subject Intent 

It is our intent that Geography will inspire our children to develop a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people, specifically the environment and communities that they live in. In Geography, we aim to broaden children’s real-life experiences, providing a comprehensive curriculum for all our learners. Developing a global understanding, students will pose questions and seek answers as they explore their local area and develop connections to the wider world through their own heritage and experiences making cross curricular links. We believe in equipping our students with the skills they will need to become global citizens, interacting with the world with care, being proud of the community they live in.  

Key features of our Geography curriculum:  

  • A planning structure designed to equip children with the knowledge and curiosity of the world around them.
  • An enjoyable and interactive curriculum that encourages discussion, teamwork that develops learners’ sense of place.
  • Outdoor learning – where possible and appropriate
  • The opportunity to experience and conduct local field studies

Organisation of teaching and learning  

  • Early Years – 
  • KS1/KS2 – 2 Bespoke Geography units per year (across 2 half terms). Other objectives are taught within History units



Specific geography units follow a 5 week unit and follow a specific learning pattern across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 to ensure all aspects of the geography curriculum are covered. The lesson sequence is as follows:

  1. Where in the world is…?
  2. What are the physical features and physical processes of…? 
  3. What are the human features and human processes of…? 
  4. Who lives in…?  What is it like to live in…?
  5. Where would you rather live? (country/area studying) or (somewhere previously studied/Bradford)?



Geography is evidenced in Floor books and exercise books – this can either be using formal learning or photographic evidence with a short explanation of the learning outcomes.


  • Central resources are stored in the Geography cupboard (cupboard outside 5S). 
  • All children should have access to an atlas or world map displayed in classrooms
  • Maps can be accessed using Britannia Kids online ( )


Monitoring Procedures 

Quality of teaching and learning of Geography at Crossley Hall Primary School is monitored by:

  • Conducting a planning scrutiny 
  • Pupil Voice Survey
  • Lesson drop in to take place in all classes throughout the year. 

The subject leader is responsible for monitoring attainment and progress, the outcomes of which are fed back to staff at an appropriate time. 

Geography Long Term Plan Y1-6.docx