Frequently Asked Questions

Crossley Hall Primary School is currently only open to the children of Critical Workers or to those who are vulnerable.

When does school start and finish?

From Monday 7th September, we are operating a soft start to the day. This means that you can drop your child at school any time from 8.40am to 9.10am. We hope this will reduce congestion at the morning drop off. We politely ask that once you have dropped your child off you make your way to your next destination without delay. This is so that we can ensure we do not have too many people on the playground and keep all parents, staff and pupils safe.

Senior Leaders will be on hand to greet children and show them into school.

What should I do if I am running late to drop off or pick up?
If you are running late, please go to the School Office. Here, you will be asked to wait outside, at least 1m apart from others, until the entrance area is free for your child to come into school.

At this time we are unable to allow parents into school. If you have a message you need to pass to your child’s class teacher you can either contact the office on 01274 488703 or email the office

Will school continue to be closed every Friday afternoon?
Yes. School will continue to be closed from midday every Friday. Our cleaning routine is more important than ever now and by closing at midday, our cleaning teams can get straight on with their jobs.

We are asking that all parents who are able to collect their child at 12pm do so promptly.

Can I come into school?
No. We are currently not accepting visitors or parents into school. If you need to speak to a member of staff, we would ask you telephone our office team, who will arrange a telephone appointment for you.

What if my child is unwell at school?

If your child is unwell at school, we will contact you. Your child will be cared for in our first aid room until you can get to school to collect them.

Will my child be in their new class?

Yes. Your child will move up to their new class in September and will be taught by their new class teacher. You can find details of who teaches which class here.

What will by child be learning?

Children will begin following the National Curriculum again. We know they have missed a term of learning from their previous class but please don’t worry. We are adjusting our long term plans to ensure they catch up.

Look out of our Learning Maps coming home so you can see exactly what new skills and knowledge your child will be learning.