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Year 5


5S – Seals
Our class Teacher is: Miss Currer.

5T – Tarantulas
Our class Teacher is: Miss Ash.

5U – Unicorns
Our class Teacher is: Mrs Knight.

Year 5 support staff are:
Mrs Mehrban, Mrs Holmes, Miss Rehman, Miss Iqbal, Miss Khan & Miss Khan.

Parental Information

Leeds Museum Visit

Just a reminder that 5S and 5U will visit Leeds City Museum on Tuesday 6th June and 5T will go on Wednesday 7th June.


All children in Year 5 will be given the opportunity to attend fishing once, as a different group will be sent each week on Tuesday. This is a project which we have run successfully in the past with over 200 pupils attending. The children will be supervised throughout by a member of Crossley Hall staff as well as experienced staff from Far View Fisheries. They will travel up to the fishing lake in one of our school buses and return to school at 3:00pm where you will pick them up from school. Fishing equipment will be provided. We will let you know when your child will be going fishing by a text from School.


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