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CHiPS Nursery

CHiPS – Two Year Old Nursery

We welcome you and your child to our Two Year Old Nursery! We are excited to work with our youngest children at Crossley Hall as they start their journey into school life. We look forward to getting to know you and your child; please approach the adults in class if you have any questions or comments. We are always happy to help!

Settling in

Whilst your child is two, we encourage parents to bring their child into nursery and help them to settle in ready for the session. This is particularly important because they are still very young. It will help your child to develop in confidence as it may be the first time they have left the family and engaged with unfamiliar adults. Members of staff care and nurture for them to ensure they feel safe, secure and happy.  We will always feedback to you at the end of the session with any important information.



In the Early Years we offer a play-based curriculum, meaning pupils can learn about things they are interested in through play. For example, children are really enjoying learning nursery rhymes through songs, games and creative activities. You will notice that adults model activities then encourage pupils to have a go by themselves! We value the independent work that they produce. If your child comes home with a sticker we will always to tell you why at the end of the day. Please give them lots of praise for this at home – it means they have done something extra special that day!


Mrs Akhtar  – Room Manager

Early Years Support Workers:

Miss Hussain, Mrs Malik, Mrs Kitur, Miss Gndal, Miss Khan.

Parental Information

I would like to remind parents to bring two sets of spare clothes. This is in case your child needs changing after engaging in messy play or due to toilet training.  If your child is in nappies, please bring nappies and baby wipes so your child will clean, comfortable and happy! Staff will inform you if your child is running low in either. PE is taught on Tuesday mornings at 10.30 am and on Wednesday afternoon at 2.30 pm. We advise parents to bring in sensible shoes/pumps in order for children to fully enjoy the PE session.

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